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This video demonstrates how modern technology can bring artistic concepts to life.
Creating this 3D dragon model in Blender using concept art as a reference is a detailed and long process, and can take anywhere from a single day, to an entire week of work depending on the project. Concept art helps speed up the modelling process greatly, as it is like a blueprint, guiding the model’s shape and appearance.

See what this model was used for by visiting our sister site; Zuperbuu Works.

Models are made in one of three ways here at All Meshed Up.

The creation of 3D models varies in complexity, with different approaches categorized by their level of difficulty.

1. Projects based on concept art are generally considered more straightforward and tend to be completed relatively quickly.
2. When it comes to resculpting or retopologizing existing meshes, the time and complexity are determined by the quality and organization of the original mesh.
3. Sculpting objects based on photographs can be quite challenging, particularly if the source images lack clarity or contain significant background clutter.